Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A reading of poem by Hilaire Belloc titled "Tarantella" in the voice of Ali H. Raddaoui

This time, I am opting for a video blog. Not that the words are mine -I wish they were - but this is a video recording of a poem by Hilaire Belloc titled TARANTELLA, in my voice. I have come to like this piece for its stunning musical effects and rather deep, sobering meaning. This poem is descriptive of two situations, before and after. The poet recreates the life and commotion that were characteristic of an inn for a very long time, and celebrates in words, music, and rhythm, a jovial and lively scene. Then comes a sudden closure where a completely new picture is painted, one where the whole of first scene is wiped out only to be replaced by the sound of a torrent that must have swept the inn and its brouhahah into oblivion. It is now mere memory. Thank you for watching.

Ali H. Raddaoui, reading a poem by Hilaire Belloc titled: TARANTELLA.

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